My Projects

A few of my major projects:

SMS Appointment Manager, Developer | 2016

Sail & Save, Co-Founder & CEO | November 2016-August 2017

SkyStream, Co-Founder | September 2017-August 2018

Rational Growth, Developer | December 2017-September 2018. Published research on SeekingAlpha. Exploring various other models to project equity returns and manage portfolio strategy.

Machine Learning for Fixed Income, Developer & Portfolio Manager | October 2018-Present. Developed artificial intelligence software to select and manage a portfolio of loans from, Developer | April 2019-Present. Developed a full-stack Web and mobile application to recommend the top local restaurants with exactly what you’re hungry for.

Instabot, Developer | August 2019. Automated Instagram workflows to reduce business costs spent on repetitive tasks. Grew accounts by over 400% in one month. Obfuscated traffic and utilized Appium to make it appear legitimate.

SecurityCV, Developer | August 2019-December 2019. Worked on research to identify physical security threats in real-time through groundbreaking computer vision technologies., Founder & Developer | August 2019-Present. After running into major discrepancies and missing data for small-cap stocks on Bloomberg Terminal and Reuters Eikon, I needed a good way to process and standardize tens of thousands of regulatory filings for equity research. I developed TenQuant to help small-cap and quantitative investors access to fundamental data through a reliable web API. Under this same umbrella, I also manage a database of Japanese financial statements.