Do you have any friends or family members who served overseas or risk their lives to keep us safe? Skystream is a new intelligence and reconnaissance solution built upon several groundbreaking technologies. We enable professionals in high-risk fields to engage with remote units and decrease the risks of operations, whether in responding to a natural disaster, putting out an industrial fire, or conducting sensitive missions overseas.

“A major limitation we have is that current UAV technology is limited to two dimensions and far too technical for widespread use.”

“Intelligence is everything, the more info you can have, the better.”

-Interviews with Terril Reinhard, retired USAF and DHS.

In many foreign and domestic situations, combat, intelligence, and surveillance units cannot accurately relay information in real-time to analysts or commanders who aren’t present. Developed for use with the Oculus Rift VR headset, Skystream assists remote experts in fields ranging from emergency response to military operations in making time-sensitive calls and reviewing data to guide future decisions. Our product uses a unique method of rendering immersive video streams that take up a miniscule amount of bandwidth, without sacrificing the quality and integrity of the video.


At present, we are refining the technology and addressing security compliance issues while maintaining lifelike latency. Skystream is a modular unit (based on the Raspberry Pi system) ready to be mounted on drones, helmets, and ROVs coupled with a complete software package for both desktop and mobile systems. We won first place in the Pinellas Education Foundation’s Next Generation Entrepreneurs program in April of 2018!

Patent pending.