SMS Appointment Setter

In high school, I was talking with my barber at Classic Image Barbershop (now closed) during a haircut. He is a small business owner, and expressed a major pain point of how he struggles to make and keep appointments with customers.

I recognized that as an opportunity, and set out to develop a way for him to achieve this, with an accessible and easy to use interface for both the business owner and their clients. Appointments could be scheduled via text message, a responsive website, or an Android app, and both parties would be reminded about the appointment via a calendar notification or a text message, however they indicated.

The application suite was white-labeled and could be easily customized to suit any service-oriented small business’s needs. I opted for a LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) for the server-side operations, and HTML and Android/Java for client-side interfaces. Though I no longer have the service up and running so I can focus on other projects like Skystream and Rational Growth, I’d be happy to jumpstart it again for a potential client.